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Wednesday October 30, 2013
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How to Market a Chiropractic Practice Online (the right way)e

After coaching a few thousand chiropractors over the years, it appears many DC's in the profession are still lacking an effective, reliable and systematic online practice marketing strategy that produces consistent tangible results. By "results" I mean exposure, local fame, website traffic, and most importantly... new patients. Story...

Communicating with Innate: Part V

Millions of practitioners from many different healthcare fields are using binary biofeedback devices. They have been used in various healing arts for many millennia. Why? Clinical success. We obtain superior information using these devices. It all boils down to the bottom line...

Autism 101

As chiropractors, we need to make adaptive function the top priority with our autistic patients. The first step is to assess and encourage motivation. As we all know, motivation ensures success over time and eventually this population in our offices will master exercises and activities. And don’t forget regular chiropractic adjustments to boost neurology, as this is a neurobiological disorder which means we can impact the nerve system with our very specialized care programs.



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