How to Market a Chiropractic Practice Online (the right way)

by Dr. Matthew Loop

After coaching a few thousand chiropractors over the years, it appears many DC’s in the profession are still lacking an effective, reliable and systematic online practice marketing strategy that produces consistent tangible results.

By “results” I mean exposure, local fame, website traffic, and most importantly... new patients.

There is definitely a right way to market a chiropractic practice online in a professional manner and most docs don’t have the success recipe.
In fact, many are still waiting on the fence to pull the trigger.

It’s kind of crazy, but the other day I saw a poll in Dynamic Chiropractic. The question asked “Have you ever posted a video on YouTube?”

Of those docs that voted, almost 70% answered NO! I just checked it again a few days later and it was only around 60%.
That’s incredibly disappointing.

Chiropractors that want to reach and serve MORE people need to put their message where the masses are already congregating.
How can we, as a profession, advance if doctors aren’t willing to bust-out of their comfort zones and evolve with the times?

YouTube has been around since 2006 and online video comprises over 60% of all web based content. We are way past its critical mass period. The truth is people would rather watch a video that read an article.

Contrary to popular belief, though, social media / internet marketing is not “easy” to do. If it were, most chiropractors would have all the new patients they could handle.

I think we can both agree, that’s not the case.

“Busy” work does not always constitute productive practice-building time either. I cannot tell you how many docs are busy “doing” Facebook and Twitter, but not getting anything to brag about in terms of ROI and new patients.

So, how do you market a chiropractic practice successfully online? The answer is... very carefully while paying close attention to the details.
Follow these rules below and you’ll be fail-proof.

1. Get it in your head that marketing is proactive, not reactive.

A lot of docs have a website, but that alone does not equate to marketing. You must actively go out and get the local traffic! Your website could turn visitors into patients exceptionally well, but if you’re not getting enough people there then it doesn’t matter.

2. Know your chiropractic website metrics

What gets measured gets improved. How many visitors are you getting per day to the site? Where are they coming from? Which pages of the site are visitors frequenting? What is the bounce rate? What keywords are people searching to find you?

Google Analytics or an equivalent can tell you this information. You also need to know if you drive 100 visitors to the page, how many of those people actually convert to new patients. The site can always be tweaked accordingly after these factors are known.

3. Do your competitive research.

If you want to become the #1 go-to authority online, you must know each and every place your competitors are found and how to overtake them. This is where a spy tool like Market Samurai would come into play.

You must overtake other chiropractors in the organic search rankings, get more reviews, likes, etc., have more social proof amassed on social media, have more press / publicity, and have bigger sponsored ad share.

4. Stop searching and “hoping” for a magic bullet.

I have chiropractor clients that get an extra 10-12 patients per month from YouTube alone. I have others that get 3-4 per month. All results will not be the same, hence the reason YouTube is one of many legs of internet marketing that must be incorporated to maximize the full potential.
Just like a pill is not a quick-fix for a disease, Facebook alone is not the cure for a declining practice. The most successful chiropractors first planted seeds then watched as the snowball eventually turned into an avalanche. They put-in the sweat equity to have a multi-dimensional web presence.

5. Understand and apply the 80/20 rule.

This can be applied to any situation in any industry. Only 20% of your marketing efforts will produce all of your new patient results. On the internet, it’s actually closer to 10%. Knowing this, why not focus on that percentage 100% of the time?

Hopefully, that makes sense. You must get your hands on a proven roadmap like Social Media Elite which gives you those specific strategies to thrive.

6. Know foundational marketing and communication principles.

Look, too many get preoccupied when Facebook changes one little thing. This is a rookie mistake, not to mention dumb and costly. Those that are attracting patients hand over fist and generating dramatic increases in practice revenue stick to the fundamentals while not getting side-tracked by the newest shiny object.

As an example, relationship building hasn’t changed much since the beginning of the social media movement. How you communicate and follow-up many times determines your market influence and trust. The more others trust you, the more likely they are to do business with you.

7. Learn the small percentage of practice marketing tactics that work.

It’s not enough to just “do” Facebook, Pinterest, SEO, Google+ Local, Twitter, blogging, video marketing, content distribution, social sharing, Adwords, etc... You must be strategic and know which aspects of them are worth your time.

Also, it’s important how to get people OFF of the internet and into your chiropractic practice. This is the most important lesson to learn. All you efforts will be in vain if you cannot master this one thing.

8. Have a DAILY to-do list and stick to it.

One of the most important roadmaps I’ve ever created is the 24 page PDF Quickstart Manual and to-do list found in Social Media Elite. It takes the guesswork out of online practice marketing, giving you only what’s profitable and produces traffic and patients. I provide you a powerful task list so you’ll never have to wonder what to do next.

9. Stay focused and be consistent.

It’s easy to get distracted if you’re not careful. How many times have you been on Facebook about to do something productive, then realize that a friend has posted new photos. What do you do? You click on the album, browse the pics, then an hour goes by with NOTHING accomplished.

Be militant about your time and laser focused on the task at hand. If you cannot, then you must delegate the work to experienced professionals. Consistency is really the key. Little actions each day add up to complete market domination in a couple months if done right.

10. Invest in a coach

Better to get your positioning and outreach right the first time than to risk damaging your credibility and reputation. Having an experienced mentor also stops the pain and disappointment of trial and error. You’ll expedite your new patient results by 6-10 months as well. As you know, time is money.

Hopefully, you found this post valuable. These ten key points above will guide you on the right track to marketing your chiropractic practice using the internet.

Dr. Matthew Loop is an established speaker, author, chiropractor, and one of the highest paid social media revenue strategists in North America. Download his famous 39 page blogging success blueprint for free at